Project Overview

The State Flood Assessment, a report that will be completed by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) by December 2018, will include a history of flooding in Texas; the roles of local, state, and federal agencies relative to preparing for, mitigating, and recovering from floods; a summary of planning and infrastructure needs; and stakeholder input on how flood planning should proceed in the state.

This first step toward developing comprehensive flood planning for Texas does not seek to fund specific strategies or projects related to flood planning, mitigation, warning, or recovery. Instead, this effort seeks to obtain and communicate, via a flood assessment report, the information that will determine the need for and benefits of statewide flood planning and financial investment.

Three goals drive this effort:

  • assess risks and roles,
  • estimate flood mitigation costs, and
  • determine the future of flood planning in Texas.

Throughout this process, stakeholder input gathered through surveys, workshops, and meetings has helped the Texas Water Development Board better understand flood risks, flood planning efforts, and flood mitigation needs in Texas. This first statewide assessment uses that input to communicate information that may inform decision-making regarding the need for, and benefits of, future flood planning and financial investment.

The survey was conducted in two phases:

  • a more general survey distributed to all stakeholders (closed on April 30) and
  • a more detailed survey sent to stakeholders who identified their willingness to provide additional information (closed on May 24) .

The TWDB, with the support of state leadership and the legislature, has invested in a variety of programs to increase data collection, data dissemination, and studies to support improved flood forecasting and warning throughout Texas. The next important step in preparing Texas to reduce the impacts of flood hazards is to develop a comprehensive understanding of existing programs, risks, and needs for floodplain management and mitigation across the state.